My Story

Hello and welcome to Eluna Jewelry Designs. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

I am April, the jewelry designer/maker of Eluna Jewelry Designs. I create each piece of jewelry by hand using green and environmentally sustainable techniques and materials. Below you will find my personal story, the reason I design and create the jewelry at Eluna Jewelry Designs.

I believe natural beauty is everywhere and that each of us has an inner beauty ready to shine. My jewelry is a testament to this belief and a tribute to the inner beauty found within us all.


Growing up I always felt invisible. I felt like I was simple and plain, and frankly not enough to shine by myself.

One summer I went on a mountain vacation with my family, and my parents took us gemstone panning. I remember getting ready to empty my pan when the attendant stopped me. He pointed out this rather ugly plain looking stone; a stone which at any other time, would have been completely forgettable. He told me that I did not want to throw that ugly stone away, because it was a rough sapphire.

That trip really began my love of stones. But looking back on it, I realize that single sapphire had a big impact on me. It helped me to realize that there is a natural beauty hidden within everything and everyone, it only takes the right heart to see it. And that I could find that same type of natural beauty and worth within myself.

This idea has followed through my life and is a big inspiration in my jewelry. This is the reason that I prefer to create simple and elegant jewelry designs: these designs allow the natural beauty of the stones and metal to become the focal point of the jewelry. All of the stones I use are hand-selected for my designs, and you can really see the inner beauty shine in those stones.

Being a nature lover, I choose to work with eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning my stones and metals. I believe in protecting natural beauty as much as I love to bring it to life. And I hope you feel the same way.